7300 Spout Hill Road, Sykesville, Maryland  21784  (TEL) 410-549-6585
M-F: 6:30AM-5:30PM through June 20, 2021
M-F: 6:30AM - 6:00PM starting June 21, 2021  
2s Program - Tiny Turtles
3s Program - Wiggle Worms
4s Program - Busy Bees
Our mission is to provide your child with a sound intellectual, emotional, social, and physical foundation to enable them to take their first steps towards a successful school experience... more...
We believe that working together we can make your child's first steps toward school a successful experience. We incorporate four essential aspects of development in our daily planning... more...

Photo of child holding a snake

: Children have a great capacity to learn at any age.  As they learn, they begin to feel good about themselves and become more self-confident.  Learning and self-confidence go hand-in-hand in developing your child’s self-esteem.  When your child leaves Stepping Stones to enter the school system, he or she will be equipped with both the knowledge and the self-esteem necessary to succeed academically.


Photo of boys playing with blocks


SOCIAL: At Stepping Stones, your child is encouraged to work and play with other children.  These interactions will teach your child important socializing skills necessary to relate to others throughout his life.  Your child will learn to share, interact with others, and use appropriate behavior in various situations.  Your child will learn to care for himself as well as for others.


Photo of one student helping another


: In order for your child to grow emotionally, he needs constant love and nurturing from his parents and loved ones.  We feel Stepping Stones is a special place in your child’s world where love and nurturing continues throughout the school day.



Photo of girls on a tire swing

: At Stepping Stones, your child will learn self-expression through physical activities.  These activities include body movements, rhythm, dance, and exercise.  A well-equipped playground will easily spark the interest of your child as he plays outdoors.  Nature walks and field trips will add to this interest.  As your child participates in large and small muscle activities, his coordination and dexterity will continue to develop.  Physical activity is a very important ingredient in your child’s overall growth and development.