7300 Spout Hill Road, Sykesville, Maryland  21784  (TEL) 410-549-6585
M-F: 6:30AM-5:30PM through June 20, 2021
M-F: 6:30AM - 6:00PM starting June 21, 2021 

Tuition & Fees

Unless noted, the following tuition prices are effective September 7, 2020 - January 1, 2022:


  2's Classroom 3 & 4's Classroom
5 Days $265.00 $250.00
4 Days $220.00 $208.00
3 Days $165.00 $156.00
2 Days $110.00 $104.00
1 Day $55.00 $52.00



Registration Fee
Includes supplies, 3 special lunches and parent gifts throughout the school year. (Non-refundable)

for 1st child

for each additional child)

Annual Fall Fee
Includes 3 lunches, parent gifts and all In-House Activities. Due September 1st of each year from all students who were enrolled prior to the summer program of that year.
per child
Summer Hold Fee
Students who leave for the summer but plan to attend in the Fall.
per child
Return Check Charge $25.00
We do not offer drop-in child care.

Tuition fees are based on CLASSROOM enrolled, not AGE of child.

There is a 10-percent discount if you have a younger sibling enrolled in one of our other full time programs. ALL DISCOUNTED FEES ARE ROUNDED UP TO THE NEAREST WHOLE DOLLAR. This discount is applied to the child with the lesser tuition fee. Discounts do NOT apply to children who enroll only for our summer camp program.

All fieldtrips and In-House activities are additional.

Summer Camp Fees for children over age 5 are the same as the 3/4's fees listed in the Tuition chart above. All students are charged an additional Summer Activity Fee based upon days of enrollment.

NOTE: Please check prices in the handbook for additional fees that may apply to you, i.e. summer holding fee, annual fall supply fee.

To schedule a tour and/or to enroll your child, please complete our Request for Child Care form and send it in.